Are you an equal partner?
Or more like the underdog?
  • Are you looking to enter a partnership with a bigger company?
  • ​Do you want to deal to work for you and your business?
  • ​Are you dealing with companies bigger and more experienced than you?
  • ​Do you have time to learn?
  • ​Do you want this partnership to have the best value possible?
If you answered ''yes'' to one or more of the questions above then our three-part partnership series is for you.
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What will you learn in this partnership series?
Unless you have entered into a partnership and had something go wrong, there is likely a lot you do not know. If you are a business looking to team up with another company to provide or be provided services, this video is going to give you exactly what you need to understand some of the concepts and details and to make sensible decisions that minimise your risk and maximize the value of the partnership.

This free three-part series will help you gain a sense of confidence when negotiating a partnership deal and to feel that you are able to punch above your weight with bigger companies. The videos cover a variety of topics:
Video 1: Negotiating with larger partners
What pre-contract checks should you make so that you know who are getting into business with?
Video 2: Understanding risk
Here we look at the risk-profile of an agreement and use a simple formula to work out the value versus risk of each deal you look to negotiate.
Video 3: Common Clauses
What are the usual clauses you find in most big business contracts and how do you negotiate the terms of the contract itself?
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