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SuperNova: Bringing world class legal training to your brightest stars
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A vocational training course to equip lawyers with next generation legal skills by working with a real business. 

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A hands-on approach to professional development 
SuperNova is a new legal training programme designed to upskill lawyers by matching them with an SME business for hands on experience so they can better understand and advise their business clients. 

Our SuperNova lawyers come from the legal teams of leading businesses and have one thing in common: they want to develop skills which help them think in a different way and adapt to change. 
An accredited legal training programme to help lawyers shine 
SuperNova has been designed using the core elements of a business training programme called Iconic Shift, a set of tools and principles that helps individuals to design, build, run and promote successful businesses. SuperNova educates lawyers to think of themselves as a business, to think outside the box in a different way and build commercial skills to support their legal advice. 

Alongside this, SuperNova programme works with over 100 SMEs matching the right lawyers to the right businesses for vocational training. The lawyer will spend four hours a month with their SME business with the ultimate aim of creating efficiencies and optimising the delivery of legal services. 

It’s the combination of theory and hands on practical experience that makes SuperNova an entirely new learning and development programme for lawyers.
SuperNova explained 
The course is a combination of five modules of process and logistical training which take place over ten days within a 12 month training programme. Topics include:
  • How to work with smaller businesses: the differences between corporate and entrepreneurial working 
  • ​Business architecture and strategy: the basics of legal operations and devising a strategy
  • ​Innovation: understanding where to innovate and the barriers that prevent innovation
  • ​Leadership skills: high performance leadership and embracing your own personal style 
  • ​Pitching: engaging the business through story-telling, public speaking and advocacy
A constellation of wins
We are passionate about the difference SuperNova training can make to lawyers, the businesses they work for and the SMEs they train with. We want to empower lawyers to understand the value they can provide and return to their businesses and legal teams to bring this value and creativity to their day to day role. Inspired, empowered, engaged lawyers who are not afraid to create and innovate, who will stay with your business for the long term. 

We’d love to tell you more about our SuperNova training programme. For a further discussion on how this could work for your business, contact: 
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