Your Legal Roadmap

for the Year Ahead

You’ve made a business roadmap, a products roadmap, a financial roadmap...


But have you made a legal roadmap for the year ahead?


It's more vital than ever that you do.
Find out why

Why does your business need a Legal Roadmap?

You're expanding and developing, with new needs, perhaps new staff, new contracts, products, suppliers, and new obligations. 
You'd like to grow your business over the next year and you want to reduce the likelihood of encountering unexpected problems.
The legal climate is changing more rapidly than ever before, and you need to keep your company informed and prepared.
What is a Legal Roadmap?

A legal roadmap is a business check-in to predict and help eliminate any legal risks coming your way over the next year.


What are the benefits?

Support your team. Build better relationships with investors.

Set up structures, procedures & contracts to ensure relationships are documented properly.

Support with longer term vision and objectives for company growth.

Prevent or mitigate a crisis, conflict, litigation or disputes in advance.

Who uses Legal Roadmaps?

Who Uses Legal Road Maps?


Big businesses have their own inhouse lawyers to draft Legal Road Maps.
But most SMEs can't afford to employ their own inhouse lawyer...

That's where we come in.


At NaviStar Legal, we specialise in helping SMEs receive the same level of quality legal support only usually enjoyed by big business.
Which is why...

We will create a bespoke Legal Roadmap for your business, for just £399.




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