Legal Solutions

We provide exceptional legal support at a price which is affordable for SMEs.

Are you looking for:
Ongoing legal support
One-off legal service
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Not sure? Here's a little guidance:

Do any of these describe your business?
  • You regularly have agreements worth £10,000+ being signed.
  • You’re going to be raising angel, crowd-funding, or venture capital investment.
  • You’re planning to list on the stock exchange, restructure or sell your company.
  • You need third party support in an important negotiation.
  • There are new regulations coming through in your industry (eg telecoms or technology).
  • Your employees need training in best practices for contracts and complaints.
  • You use terms and conditions or contracts without a proper review.
  • You’re not sure about your consumer or data protection obligations.

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then one of our Membership Solutions might be right for you.

Otherwise, please take a look at our Standalone Solutions.