It's Time for Change.

Time to change a traditionally “soulless” profession...

... into one of meaning, service and creation.

Because law isn't just about power, partnership, pay or prestige... Law can make a positive change that can be felt worldwide.

NaviStar Legal is leading this change


With a new philosophy and way of working... 


...where it’s possible to earn an excellent income without having to lose your values.

We are

an alternative legal services provider which specialises in helping owner-entrepreneurs of  small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with all aspects of law relating to their businesses.

What Motivates Us?

Around 60% of start-ups fail within their first three years.

SMEs often can’t afford the legal advice they need to make sure things don’t go wrong.

Because of our ethos of providing affordable legal wisdom, we make this help accessible to SMEs. 

Because we are lawyers who understand the world of business, NaviStar Legal has the expertise to help.


We are Lawyer-Entrepreneurs

Many of our lawyers also work within their own businesses...

... not only legal ventures, but also fashion design, property development and more

So our lawyers understand the needs of business from a practical, not just theoretical, point of view.  

We’re able to work with our clients as trusted partners. . .

Are flexible and responsive in engaging with them & their team . . .

And offer solutions tailored for different budgets and risk parameters.

As our journey continues. . .

We’re expanding our team of experts who want to combine their legal expertise,
business know-how
and incisive thinking.


And right now we're looking for:

Corporate Lawyers

With at least five years PQE in corporate law.

Someone who is:

  • Flexible, resourceful and solution-focused.
  • Able to project-manage a transaction from beginning to end.
  • Commercial and business orientated.
  • Good at communicating effectively with third parties and our internal team
  • And who enjoys the independence of freelance working.

All client work is performed virtually, unless otherwise stated, with projects typically lasting between three and four months.

Competitive rates based on experience.


Then we'd love to hear from you! 


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