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Did you know...


Around 60% of business startups fail in their first three years? 

They face the SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprise) dilemma:  

SMEs can’t afford for things to go wrong

Yet they often can’t afford the legal advice necessary to ensure things don’t go wrong.  

As a result, they can end up exposed to rogue shareholders, difficult negotiations, disputes, conflicts or regulatory issues which can cause chaos… and cost a lot to fix. 

How can NaviStar Legal help?


We have the expertise necessary because we are lawyers who understand the world of business.

And because of our ethos of making valuable legal wisdom affordable, we make this help accessible to SMEs. 

With NaviStar Legal by their side, our clients have seen growth and success - providing employment and benefiting their local areas as well as the economy. 

Who are we?


NaviStar Legal is a legal company made up of entrepreneur-lawyers. Our lawyers understand the needs of business from a practical, not just theoretical, point of view. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we can relate to entrepreneurs - that’s why we’re passionate about helping businesses like yours. 

And with all our lawyers having over fifteen years experience in leading enterprises such as Apple, Sony and Linklaters, our clients know they’re getting the best support.

What motivates us?


We believe it's time for change. . . Time to change a traditionally “soulless” profession into one of meaning, service and creation. 

We believe Law can make a positive change that can be felt nationwide, even worldwide.

And it starts by helping one business at a time.

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NaviStar Legal Limited (navistarlegal.com) is registered in England • Company number: 07201043
Registered address:  Kemp House 152-160 • City Road • London • EC1V 2NX