Raising Investment the Smart Way

Now is the time to put your stamp on the market and move your business forward.

And you need cash to raise your game.

But have you asked yourself three vital questions..?

Do you know the key issues to be aware of before contacting investors?

Have you considered the different ways of getting clear and binding agreements?

Have you got a strategy for keeping control over your business after bringing investors onboard..? 

If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions,

then taking just thirty minutes to watch our video series is essential. 

What you'll learn ▼

Raising Investment the Smart Way

The video series is in three parts:

Key Investment Principles

  • Key issues to be aware of from the start.
  • What your options are (and their pros and cons)
  • PDF Download: Business Finance Guide for Entrepreneurs and SMEs

 Maintaining Control

  • Essential questions to ask yourself about your company roles.
  • Three practical, effective ways to maintain control of your business when parting with equity.

Putting It into Writing

  • How to put your requirements in writing.
  • The five most useful documents and what they do.
  • Tips for signing and storage.
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